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BannerMediaNetworks gives you the ability to focus on the one thing you do best – create amazing products for your customers!

Our marketplace gives you a forum to showcase your digital goods and membership products for customers and attract affiliates who are willing and ready to sell your products for you.  Affiliate marketers are at the heart of what we offer merchants. 

Our system was built by affiliates who were looking for an easy and profitable way to make money online.  They accomplish this by giving you your own personal sales force!


Banner Media Networks provides merchants with:

A proven method to increase traffic to your site and increase interest in your business
Campaign management tools to track sales performance
The ability to easily build and create your affiliate program for maximum success
Seamless integration with major or custom shopping software along with fraud protection
The flexibility of third party payment processing services for attractive fees
Easy to use payment and tracking tools that allow you to focus on building your business without being bogged down by all the details

Instead of stressing over how to promote your products, discover how our marketplace can be your link to a global marketing team ready to boost your business.

By using our site, you can leverage the power of thousands of active affiliates to increase your sales. We offer merchants fast and timely payments along with multi-currency support.

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